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Pottery Painting

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Come and paint pots with us! Alright, not just pots - we have a large range of different ceramic bisqueware (the whiteish bits of pottery ready for you to paint!) from mugs, plates, bowls and teapots, to picture frames, trinket boxes, money pots and everything in-between. Choose the item you’d like to paint, go crazy with colour and all our arty tools, leave it with us to glaze and fire in our kiln and come and pick it up a week later.*

You can either book a specific time-slot at our studio , chance your luck as a walk-in on the weekend, book us for a party (£30 deposit required), or buy a special takeaway kit to complete at home.

Whatever you decide, bring your finished pot to us when you’re done and it’ll be glazed and fired and ready in two weeks.*

(All of our glazes are of course non-toxic and safe for children - some of them are also sparkly, just saying.)

Pic of Workshop
At the Studio

We have 2 spaces - Peggys Pots and The Workshop. Both can seat up to 16 people in a range of different configurations. We also have a tool wall where you can choose from many different sponges, stamps, crafty tools and brushes to help you realise your pottery painting vision.

We’re also on hand to help and assist you throughout the painting process, giving advice on the best materials to use and helping with any hand and foot prints. We can also provide aprons for little ones although all our paint does comes out in the wash, just in case anyone gets a bit over-enthusiastic!

Pic of Workshop
Takeaway Kits

Choose what you would like to paint, purchase your paint kit, go crazy with colour in the privacy of your own home, bring your finished product back to us to glaze and fire, and pick it up again in two weeks.*

You can either purchase your kit in our studio or contact PeggysPots .

* Subject to studio opening hours.