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Hand and Footprints


These are extremely popular and we completely understand why, keeping a hand and/or footprint of your loved ones (little or large!) is a charming way to commemorate special times and precious moments forever. We love being a small part of these treasured moments - plus we get to meet lots of lovely little ones who are often brand new!

We have a selection of print styles, from pottery palm and footprints to clay impressions and casting. There are lots of examples on our social media platforms if you’re looking for ideas. When you book just let us know what type of print you would like as well as how many so we can get everything ready for you. Each session is around 45 minutes, depending on what prints you’d like to do.

Pottery Painting

Printing hand and footprints on biqsueware starts from £10. You can pretty much put a print on anything you like but we find that dinner plates, side plates and all types of Christmas bauble or hanging decoration most popular.

Dinner plates are fantastic for the whole family’s prints and baubles are often made as gifts for grandparents. Whatever you’d like, just let us know before hand so we can make sure we’ve got everything ready for you. You can also buy extra on the day if something catches your eye in the studio. Here a few examples below:

Clay Prints

Clay impressions start from £35. Below are some examples. We’ll be there to assist and even jazz up the finished product if you want some help with the arty bits. We can help as much or as little as you like.

  • You can choose what types of prints you would like. Such as a hand and foot, two feet inside a heart or both hands and feet.
  • We can do commissions such as turning a handprint into an elephant ear or footprint into santa's sleigh, etc.
  • We can finish off your hand and footprints with names, ages, date of births, etc. Or you can do this if you'd like.
  • If you let us know when you book how many and what sort of prints you'd like we can prepare everything ready for your arrival.


In the new year we’ll be releasing information about our new casting service. Subscribe to our newsletter below to stay in the know.

Clay Print Examples


You can book a Hand and Footprint activity here, or contact us if you have any specific questions.

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